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Individual Therapy


Are you having difficulty managing aspects of your life?


Would you like the support and guidance of an expert or a safe space to express what you truly feel without fear of judgment?


If the answer is “yes”, then individual therapy could be key to finding solutions and changing your life for the better.


Individual therapy is a confidential, professional, one-on-one relationship between you and a mental health expert. The therapist will spend some time getting to know you and what truly matters most in your life. The therapist will collaborate with you to develop goals for therapy. Each session, you and your therapist will work together towards reaching your goals. Your therapist will guide you with a variety of interventions and ideas to facilitate change in your life. This safe, supportive relationship is unique in that the therapist has only your best interests in mind and is completely invested in your success.


Individual therapy can be helpful and potentially life-altering if you notice any of the following:

  • You are overwhelmed by worries

  • You feel alone in your struggles

  • Your career, academics, or relationships are being negatively impacted by your struggles.

  • You just want someone to listen to you.

  • You keep repeating the same self-defeating patterns.

  • You struggle to understand yourself.

  • You are concerned about mental health issues, addictions, and other unhealthy behaviors.

  • You would like to grow in an area of your life but you are not sure how.


Contact us today if you want to learn more about how individual therapy can help you work through your life’s struggles.

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